Gualter Torres (CEO)



GUAL is a relevant player in the furniture industry for those seeking for affordable top-end quality products. It is indeed a cost effective luxury supplier expecting to expand its presence worldwide. An ongoing and careful observation of trends and customers’ needs are the guidelines to produce timeless furniture items. It started in the beginning of the 21st century as a small workshop, gathering a group of hard working friends, headed by Gualter Torres, with passion, dedication and skills, and soon became an international recognized brand.

Since then GUAL creations have been displayed to the world from Valencia, Cologne, Milan, Singapore, London and Miami trade shows. Started to export abroad, first to Europe and then overseas. One single headquarters for production, fully equipped with the latest technology and precision in woodworking; one single headquarters for management. All concentrated in one. The company was established in the core of a region that exhales woodworking expertise and craftsmanship from every pore, since mid-19th century.



Generations of artisans developed their skills and passed on to their descendants. The family of workers that embodies GUAL crew is made from that substance. In addition to the craftsmanship, every detail is inspected and packed with care to grant the delivery of spotless items. Delicate looking surfaces, glamorous movement and stiff feel shall be expected from all GUAL creations. Driven by the experience, once one becomes a customer, he/she will be a customer for life. Every delivered item is expected to be part of our customer’s family, and shared with future generations. Timeless, long lasting classics is what GUAL products will ultimately become.



Expand the value of our products through the continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness, and putting customers and their needs at the centre of our objectives.


GUAL looks into the future with the certainty of its history and tradition. We want to play an increasing role as internationally important group in our sector, creating and developing products able to meet market needs.


GUAL assumes its role as a "citizen company", aware of responsibilities placed on it in society. Through his conduct, the company reiterates the principle that economic objectives are compatible with the social and business ethics.