Gualtorres is a furniture editor and producer that has in its product’s design and quality, as well as in its management and responsibility the keys for success.
Since its establishment, in 2001, the company is focused in creating and producing contemporary and vanguard furniture, shaping new concepts for uncommon expectations and providing groundbreaking decorative experiences to its demanding customers.
Located in Lordelo (Paredes| Portugal), a small region that concentrates 2/3rds of the national furniture production, Gualtorres has 75 top skilled workers, nearly 10.000 sq.m. and the front line machinery of the industry. All these physical conditions gathered with secular know-how, allows our solid commitment to provide our customers the highest standards.
Our quality is based on the craftsmanship and passion of our team, and on the selection of the best components’ suppliers. All this to say that we seek for the best experience possible (structural robustness and motion softness feeling, as well as the attention to details) and zero flaws on the service, as they are the key for a successful long term commercial relationship.
With two brands, Gual and Tempi, offers its customers and partners a wide variety of solutions and atypical design objects, constantly defying the standards. Within the irreverence and sobriety, the fantasy and refinement, Gualtorres sets apart from mainstream, using this as the key to its clients’ and partners’ commercial success.
Having sought for singularity and exclusiveness for more than a decade and participating on the national and international most important furniture events,
Gualtorres received in return growing relevance on the national and European markets, moving along with its expansion for new destinations, being already present in 4 of the 5 continents.
Visits us! We expect you! We want you in this big family!
The Company Manager,
Gualter Torres